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Releasedate: 12th of April.
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A1. You Are Here
A2. Flogsta
A3. Sinister
A4. Cold Water
A5. Run
A6. The Bloop
B1. Vertebrate
B2. Blackest Skies
B3. The Center Will Hold
B4. Decoherence
B5. When You Don't


Hydrogen Sea's shimmering new record Automata’ is destined to land April 12.
The band expands, but does not bargain its intensity. Their new incarnation allows Birsen Uçar and PJ Seaux to lay down ties with the laptop, and to include two brand new band members.

"We became slaves of our own computers. We encountered restrictions while performing, it feels like we’re free at last."

Hydrogen Sea does not turn away from previous soundscapes, but exchanges digital elements in order to focus on an analogue journey. In their previous band setting, Birsen Uçar and PJ Seaux longed for something more human and organic: "We became slaves of our own computers. We encountered restrictions while performing, as communication with laptops is limited.The physical and creative presence of Patricia Vanneste (ex-Balthazar), Joris Caluwaerts (STUFF.) and Steven Van Gelder (Tout Va Bien), Hydrogen Sea transformed almost instantly. We could start a dialogue with everyone, which means a world of difference. It feels like we’re free at last”. Automata revels in the power of the unpredictable. Birsen Uçar and Pieterjan Seaux did not know where the experiment would eventually lead them when they brought this band together for a residency in Antwerp's center for arts 'De Singel'

More band members and more instruments does not mean less space for Birsen Uçar's voice. On the contrary. "Most of the songs were created around my vocals and lyrics. Together, we searched for atmospheric elements in the lyrics, that we could translate into sound. It was very inspiring. Together, we created space for me to tell the story I wanted to tell," says the singer.

The new setup also has implications on the band's sound, the songs and textures on Hydrogen Sea's new album bring forth a more mature, organic and analog sound. Textured bass and strings nod towards French seventies cinematic and orchestral music from the likes of Cortex and Jean-Claude Vannier. Analog synths add adventure and cast a sinister shadow on the dreamy sound of their acclaimed debut album.